About Us 

Spring Fresh Indoor Air Quality Associates was created when we noticed how ineffectively mold was being handled by contractors and the general public. Our goal is to bring spring fresh air back into your homes by removing mold contaminates polluting your living environment.

Meet Our Staff

James Bailey

James bailey holds a Bachelor of Science degree from City College of New York. He has 40 years of experience in both the classroom and hands on Electrical Work.

Warren Bailey
Supervisor of Field Operation and Instruction

Warren Bailey holds a Bachelor’s degree from Queens College and completed his Master’s program at City College of New York. We recently acquired his services from Fresh Start Contracting #1 in which he brings with him thirty-eight years of educational experience. Warren is a welcome addition to our Indoor Air Quality Testing. He is planning to broaden this department to include the development of local laboratories that can facilitate the entry of interested science majors into the field of mold analysis.

Audrey Bailey-Hocker
General Manager of Operations

Audrey Bailey-Hocker is a graduate of Fordham University and completed her Master’s Studies in Science Education at city college of New York. A retired educator, entrepreneur, and business woman, she has worked as General Manager for her family owned and operated General Contracting business: (Fresh Start Contracting #1) for 10 years. She is presently employed as General Manager of Operation for Spring Fresh Indoor Air Quality Associates.